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This has been percolating in the back of my head for a while now. Every day I climb these stupid stone steps and some days I get up them better than others. Eventually I may edit this to add a picture of them.

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The top two are from my after-class sunset on Tuesday, the bottom two are from today. I may make this a weekly type thing.

The photos aren’t great quality I know, but I like them.

Pirate Pitch: Director’s Cut.

Not finished, but meh. Here’s what I have.

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What I have learned from reading Manga:
  • Don’t act like you mistook them for someone else if you didn’t. It just pisses people off. If you like them own up to it. Those are your feelings, take responsibility for them.
  • If you really want to get with someone never say it’s “Just for fun” or “blowing off steam”. That engenders a miscommunication that will probably come back to hurt you both later.
  • DO NOT FLY OFF THE HANDLE. Even if you are angry and hurt. If you can’t keep calm remove yourself from the situation but LET YOUR PARTNER KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Storming off or running away (while it looks dramatic) doesn’t help anything. (And from personal experience, it feels really lonely.)
  • Some people prefer actions to words and vice versa, try to figure out which one your partner is so you can help them feel secure in your relationship.
  • Having sex while drunk is, in general, a bad idea.
  • Dying together is not romantic and tragically beautiful. It is a waste. Dead people can’t change things, unless they are martyrs.
  • DO NOT expect your partner to be able to read your mind. No one but you knows exactly what you’re thinking. Never assume your partner knows what you’re planning to do.
  • Don’t manipulate someone into feeling jealous just so you have proof that you’re important to them. That will backfire eventually, if not immediately, and no one is happy during a fight.
  • Please practice safe sex, with lube and condoms. Just because there’s a bit of lubrication doesn’t mean it’s enough, and going in dry usually ends in tears not orgasms.


I appreciate that my mother cares about my health.

I love that she worries about me, and I really like that she wants me to be healthy.


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Sometimes I really hate my body.

And not  because of how it looks. Saturday to Monday I was sick as a dog. All sorts of grossness. Made a doctors appointment for the closest date I could get, Wednesday morning.

Guess who woke up today feeling moderately normal? Now my doctor is going to think I’m crazy.

49 plays



Merlin is over

And Hogwarts is too

Sam and Dean’s battle

Is almost through

Donna is gone

The Ponds are as well

John is sad

Because Sherlock fell

In case you were having

A good sort-of day

I wrote you this poem

To chase it away.


I love tagging Linddzz in fish stuff.

it leads to the most amusing Tags.

So…I missed my 4,000th post too.


Still cleaning house. Haven’t adopted kittens yet. Hoping to by the end of next week. *fingers crossed*

Gonna get a little personal here…sorry.

AS A SIDE NOTE: My bro is an excellent cleaner.

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