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I still cant’ get over the fact thtat my first fanifc is gonna be a horrid dark porn fo r a KIDS MOVIE MY LIFE MY CHOUCES

Not true! Our first fanfic was a Legend of Zelda insert that morphed into a LotR insert and then eventually fell apart. Then there was Harry Potter.

we didn’t actually write those to show to other people!  Also they didn’t involve noncon….

It still counts as fanfic. The noncon you’re right about, but still. This isn’t your first foray, just your first time posting. Which is a little more traumatic I’ll admit.

No I don’t hate you all, but I do like this song. Will I ever use it to pick someone up at a bar? No. Because I don’t like giving people I don’t know my phone number.

Today…is a whiny day.

Oh the heart is rustling fussily,

and the sighs are going gustily

and the sulk is mustering sluggishly.

So it’s rather safe to say,

that seems that it may turn out to be

Feels that is undoubtedly

looks like a rather self pitying day to-day.

(all credit for the tune goes to the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ‘Blustery Day’)