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The top two are from my after-class sunset on Tuesday, the bottom two are from today. I may make this a weekly type thing.

The photos aren’t great quality I know, but I like them.

This is the only piece of Bathroom Graffiti I have seen since I moved in, last Thursday. My new college is ridiculously cheerful.

This is the only piece of Bathroom Graffiti I have seen since I moved in, last Thursday. My new college is ridiculously cheerful.

So I’ve been skimming the syllabi, and it looks like ALL my teachers want to start RIGHT AWAY. I…I don’t have books, I’m going to be unprepared I…I will be THAT STUDENT. I can’t….maybe it won’t matter so much in the morning?

All moved in,

Now to survive the semester. (-_-)-b

I am a bad driver.

But we still made it.

I will move in tomorrow.

I think I may hurl.

Tomorrow/today is the drive up. Move in is the 21st.

I am…nervous. Not consciously so, but I nearly threw up in my sleep, so I know I am definitely full of nerves. I hate driving, and even though Gmaps says it’s only about a two hour drive, I know for a FACT that it can take upwards of FOUR depending on traffic. And there is about a sixty mile strip with no pull offs for gas or bathroom breaks. Which means I won’t be able to eat anything, because bile is the bane of my existence.

10,201st post!

10,201st post!


I got my monthly bill for June on the 30th of said month, wrote a check and then went online where the pay online option was FINALLY up and paid for the next month, I thought I’d signed up for automatic payments, turns out NO, and they screwed up my payments so now I’m past due on July’s payment and halfway into when August’s is due and I can’t fucking call member services because it’s SUNDAY and they’re CLOSED. So I get to do that TOMORROW. And I will have to pay upwards of 500 bucks plus whatever fucking late fees they stick me with.

Pardon me while I go sob in a corner.

So a month ago I wrote down all the classes I was going to change and what I was going to change them TO in preparation for open enrollment day. Come the day and I get the giant course catalog that I stuck the paper into and it’s GONE. So now I have to try and shuffle shit around on this day. And I don’t DARE drop too many classes because I may not be able to get back into them.

EDIT: Annnnd now that I’ve found it the site is down because so many people are trying to log in and change courses. *SIGH* Bed for me then. I’ll try again in a few hours.

So she showed up, a little late, but I’m pleased she showed at all. We talked, watched Lucy (Which I enjoyed a lot more than i thought I would, but I agree with the post floating around about its problematic elements) And we got to talk about teh FB post that spawned all this.

She calls it, not her most shining moment. And explained that she hadn’t meant to be hurtful and she knows people out there care about her, but in the heat of the moment that was what she felt. And she doesn’t regret it because it got her what she wanted. Out of her house and not alone. Which I can respect, even if I don’t appreciate it.

This has been your window into the Annonykate’s life.