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So she showed up, a little late, but I’m pleased she showed at all. We talked, watched Lucy (Which I enjoyed a lot more than i thought I would, but I agree with the post floating around about its problematic elements) And we got to talk about teh FB post that spawned all this.

She calls it, not her most shining moment. And explained that she hadn’t meant to be hurtful and she knows people out there care about her, but in the heat of the moment that was what she felt. And she doesn’t regret it because it got her what she wanted. Out of her house and not alone. Which I can respect, even if I don’t appreciate it.

This has been your window into the Annonykate’s life.

As I text my friend, inviting her to the movies I am reminded of a similar situation about 4 years ago. She’d been dating her boyfriend for a a year, and I was feeling lonely so I called her on Thursday and we made plans to go to the movies on Sunday.

Sunday comes, I get out of church I am so excited to be going to the movies with my friend, I call her and ask when she wants to be picked up and if she wants to eat before or after…only to be told she’s spending the day with her boyfriend and completely forgot about our outing. Thankfully I managed to cheerfully tell her to have fun and say goodbye, but I cried the minute I hung up, because my friend of eight years was ditching me for a man she’d known for one.

They’ve been broken up for about a year now, and she says she’s feeling lonely.  We’ll see if she comes with me this time. I hope she does.

What do I do?

Over the past three/four days one of my friends has started posting FB statuses about how alone she is and how no one cares that she’s alone and all her other friends and family have responded with an outpouring of affection, some with stern but very fond words and offers to hang out.

I have, more than once, asked when she had a free day to hang out, I have texted and called, not all at once but over the course of a few months or so and been consistently either ignored or turned down so I’m not quite sure how to react to this.

My first gut reaction is: “No. I’m here for you and have been here but you want to pretend I don’t exist? O-fucking-kay.”

Which isn’t fair. If she’s having a difficult time then she probably doesn’t remember, or she feels like it’s been so long since I invited her that it would be rude to assume the offers are still open. But I can’t deny that the post hurt me and I’m afraid anything I respond with will smack of some of that anger.

What do?

Foot blisters suck.

That is all.

POST 9,630

POST 9,630

I had an hour long Zumba class after a two hour tango class, my feet are killing me, dinner is a ten minute walk away and ends in an hour. I don’t want to move.

I’m seriously going to be apologizing to my roommates EVERY DAY after DA3 comes out because I guarantee I will be almost unbearable to live with. I will shout at my screen, make horrific squeaking noises as I romance my chosen partner (*crosses fingers for Varric as a love interest) and swear like Mister Samuel L. Jackson as I get my ass handed to me by enemies and dragons and probably die from falling off a few cliffs.

I cannot wait for this game, holy crap.

I was a good theatre student and used my spare money to purchase 40 bucks worth of scripts instead of Dating Sim routes for my new phone.


I can only Phone home

So I forgot that my phone was backed up on an app that only works for one type of phone. Now I have a new phone that is not compatible with that app…and no contacts in it.

If the zombie apocalypse hits now I am fucking screwed.

The school nightmares have started again.

I woke up crying because I’d dreamt that I’d forgotten that I’d enrolled at the local community college and they weren’t on winter break. So I’d missed an entire week of classes.

Nevermind that its summer. And that I haven’t gone to the CC since May of last year.  -_-;;